After graduating from the prestigious Clark Atlanta University, Khanesia created Emerald by K’laShae apparel & accessory mobile boutique. After realizing, what effort, capital, and planning that goes into a retail business, Khanesia went back to school for an MS/MBA at the University of North Texas to personally and professionally enhance her skills and talents.

In addition to her educational experiences, Khanesia has worked in retail, film, event planning and Corporate America embracing her creative abilities styling, merchandising and writing. She has collaborated with and styled well known industry professionals. She has also traveled across the world, exploring the unique cultures in Asia, South America and across the tropical islands.

While traveling, learning and growing her business, Khanesia realized where her passion and purpose exist…..in people and in fashion. As a result, Khanesia started a blog-Khanesialashaefash, to explore her passion for fashion and her passion for people by creating a community in which she can interact with the two things she loves. Khanesialashaefash explores fashion trends, culture, DIY, art, life and travel among other things.

Her inspiration comes from her experiences, travels and life as she see’s. Khanesia currently resides DEEP in the HEART of TEXAS. Come share, explore and experience Khanesialashaefash!



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